Founded in 2020 by Tionna Taite, Nineteen Fifty-Six is the first Black student-led magazine at the University of Alabama. Nineteen Fifty-Six was created to celebrate and highlight Black culture, Black excellence, and Black student experiences at the University of Alabama.

The magazine is named after the year, 1956, that the first Black student, Autherine Lucy Foster, was allowed to enroll at the University of Alabama. She was only on campus for three days before being expelled by the Board of Trustees. Nevertheless, Foster took the first step and played a huge role in allowing Black students to be able to attend the University. Tionna Taite, founding Editor in Chief, decided to name the magazine after that year to connect to the history of Black students on campus. Just like Autherine Lucy Foster paved the way, now the Nineteen Fifty-Six team is paving the way for other minority students to have a voice at the University of Alabama.