“There are also women I have never met but who are recorded in the pages of history and whose lives and struggles inspire me and thousands of other working women to keep putting one foot in front of another every day.” – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is making history as the first Black woman to be nominated to the United States Supreme Court. If she is confirmed, she will be the first Black woman to serve on the US Supreme Court and only the sixth woman in US history. As someone who aspires to make lasting change in the legal profession, I am inspired by her in more ways than one.

I believe it’s important to highlight women such as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Trailblazing Black women not only pave the way for young Black girls and women, but these women also serve as proof that we are capable of accomplishing whatever we set our minds to. 

Often, Black women are not properly given their flowers for the outstanding work that they have done. Black women have become used to being overlooked and underappreciated. However, that should not be the case. I challenge you to recognize and educate yourselves on the contributions of Black women at your university, in your career field, and other aspects of your life. Truly, you will realize that many Black women are ‘hidden figures’ deserving of recognition. 

I am delighted to present the March 2022 issue of Nineteen Fifty-Six in honor of Women’s History Month. I hope this magazine issue inspires you and educates you about the beauty and resilience of trailblazing Black women.