Kolbi Coleman

Kolbi Coleman, a freshman forward on Alabama’s Women’s Soccer Team, is far more than just a fierce competitor. Balancing life can be a bit difficult, she admits. It’s no small feat but this Chemical Engineering major has huge goals.

“It can be a struggle to balance. It’s not a lot of homework but it is a lot of studying. Our tests are brutal,” Coleman said. 

When asked about her passions she mentioned her hair and art. She picked up doing her own hair over quarantine and quickly became skillful. 

“I was stuck in the house,” Coleman said while combing through her long burgundy braids with her fingers. “This hair needed to get done so I’m like ‘Why not’.”

Since coming to Alabama, Kolbi has realized her passion for diversity and representation. Coleman is a founder of Project ID, an organization designed for student-athletes of color at The University of Alabama to create community, express their thoughts, and break campus barriers. Not to be mistaken with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Project ID aims to provide a space where student-athletes of color can express their feelings while existing at several potential intersections of identity.

Coleman speaks of the chance to address the barrier between non-athletic students and student-athletes.

“It’s also going to be a platform for us to show what the student-athlete body really looks like and just give us a chance to get out into our communities… even to network,” Coleman said. 

Kolbi has a lot of aspirations for the budding organization and even more inspiration for her expanding art portfolio. But one thing is for certain, she’s confident and determined.

Alajajuan Sparks, Jr. 

Standing at a towering 6’5” Alajajuan Sparks Jr. is very accustomed to having a natural presence. Don’t let this stature fool you, this sophomore offensive lineman for the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team enjoys having fun and being around friends. 

“I guess my friends do somewhat regard me as a ‘life of the party’ type. I love to laugh and things like that,” says Alajajuan. 

He also recalled his love for music with R&B being one of his most listened to genres. Sparks even sang tenor in the choir when he was younger. 

Sparks regards his hobbies as secondary. If it’s not related to school or football, it’ll have to wait until the weekend. These hobbies include playing 2K, Madden, and Grand Theft Auto franchise games. Sparks is excited with the upcoming NCAA franchise and the possibility of adding a virtual version of himself on his team.

“It’d be cool but we’ll see if that comes out while I’m still in school,” he said while looking down at his beige Nike sneakers with African-inspired print detailing. A very avid shoe collector, Sparks is proud of his closet which features streetwear staples.

He collects a decent bit of his pieces from local vintage stores and leans strongly toward the Nike brand, stating that the majority of his shoes are Nike and Jordan.

From his very relaxed and friendly demeanor to his limited-edition kicks, Alajajuan finds comfort in being a very authentic version of himself.