Everyone has heard of hand-me-downs from older siblings or family members but what about hand-me-downs from a whole generation of fashion? Many fashion statements from the late 20th century are returning to our closets and shining down the streets of modern fashion. Black young adults are embracing and enhancing their features with these fashionable blasts from the past that are ‘Black like they never left’. 

  1. Afros – Although our natural crowns have always been with us, this extravagant hairstyle gained its popularity in the 1960s. Both men and women rocked this hairdo on the dance floors and in the streets all over the world. Now there are even more men and women enhancing and rocking their ‘fros. 
  1. Hoop Earrings – In the 1960s, hoop earrings were brought to the forefront of fashion by celebrities such as Diana Ross, Angela Davis, and Donna Summer. These earrings embraced the Afro-Centric look and made a shifting statement for Black women. The trend has since resurfaced and is rocked by Black women both young and old. 
  1. Bucket Hats – These cool hats are known to be the fashion piece that can go with anything! Bucket hats were made popular by hip-hop artists such as LL Cool J and Run-D.M.C. in the 1980s as one of their signature looks. Bucket hats are an essential accessory for throwback and retro outfits in the modern fashion world. 
  1. FILA – FILA, an Italian fashion brand created in 1911, became a popular brand in the late 1980s. During that time, many athletes wore FILA jogging suits as pre-game outfits and even street fashion. In today’s fashion world, FILA has remained relevant by releasing Disruptors, one of their most popular shoes. 
  1. Adidas – Adidas has always been a popular athletic brand, but the company was best known for its street fashion in the 1980s. Run-D.M.C. was the first music group endorsed by an athletic brand and created the hit song “My Adidas”’ in 1986. Adidas still hasn’t gotten old and continues to dominate the fashion world with their shoes and clothing. 
  1. Fanny Packs – Popularized in the 1990s, fanny packs became the most convenient and fashionable accessory. Although the trend died down in the early 2000s, the packs are back and as stylish as ever. Today, many of our favorite brands release their own styles of fanny packs. 
  1. Baggy/Cargo Pants – The trend of baggy pants began in the 1930s. Yet, the trend really took off in the 1990s and was listed as number seven in the 90 best trends. Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, artists like Aaliyah and Ciara rocked this trend. Now, our generation has decided to bring this fashion trend back.
  1. Turtlenecks – In the 1920s, turtlenecks trended as a professional and sleek piece that pulled together any outfit. In today’s fashion, turtlenecks can be easily dressed up or dressed down with a skirt or some slacks. Adding a nice chain with some hoop earrings to a turtleneck is like a match made in heaven!
  1. Air Force 1 – These popular shoes hit the streets in 1982 and still have all the buzz. White forces can be matched with anything and fit all styles. Even when creased or dirty by wear, these OG shoes are here to stay. 
  1. Biker Shorts – Biker shorts were made popular in the 1980s. During that time, celebrities such as Madonna and Princess Diana rocked these shorts. Today, biker shorts are an essential fashion piece that is still trending. The sleek shorts can be paired with anklets, slides, and so much more.