Who: Joshua Bibbs was born and raised In Birmingham, Alabama and is a senior majoring in African American Studies and minoring in Theatre. Bibbs is also the founder of the student organization Redefining Societies Vision & Purpose  (R.S.V.P.). 

What: “I AM, was created to empower, to uplift, to motivate and to make the buyers feel special. The brand takes back to the saying “ I am who I say I am”. From the biblical aspect I am the Great I am, not comparing myself to God but letting people know I won’t let society define me. I hold the pencil to create my story and my pencil has an eraser. “

When: “When I saw the need for joy, I saw the need for strength. I wanted to build a brand that didn’t just cater to physical appearance but it also caters to spiritual and mental aspects.”

Why: “A change, to be the light in the dark where people felt there was not any. I wanted to allow people to understand their worth, understand their purpose”

Instagram: its.jloves

Website: https://www.theofficialbrandiam.com/ 

Simone-Alexander Company

Who: Taylor Jones is from Birmingham, AL and is a senior studying Public Health and minoring in Creative Writing. Jones hopes to become a Certified Nurse Midwife one day while also running her business.

What: “Simone-Alexander Company is a small boutique offering vegan cosmetics and luxury, yet affordable accessories. Currently, our products are vegan lipglosses, unisex sunglasses and cruelty-free mink lashes. Soon to be much more!”

When: “I have wanted to start a business of my own for a little over a year now. I knew for years that I would have some sort of project or business to brand myself in the future, but about a year ago was when I decided to take the necessary steps to make it all happen. So, here we are today!”

Why: “My motivation for my business is my family and friends. My mother is a jack of all trades herself, so I’ve always known that it was my goal to insert myself into multiple industries. Being a college student I know how hard it is for my peers and I to find affordable accessories and beauty products that allow us to express ourselves authentically.”

Instagram: shopsimonealexander 

Twitter: @simonealex_co

Facebook: Simone-Alexander Co.

Website: www.shopsimonealexander.com

Constructed by Ruth

Who: Ruth Tolen is a junior from Birmingham, AL majoring in Marketing on a Pre-Med track.

What: “I provide the services of hairstyling and doing others makeup. As a hairstylist I specialize in lace and custom wig units. [Lace and custom wig units] are typically used to give the illusion that the hair is coming from [the client’s] scalp. It’s perfect for those who suffer from alopecia, going through chemotherapy, or those who simply want to feel dolled up. As far as my makeup services  go. I provide natural or glam looks, for those who want an extra “umph” ——mostly special occasions.”

When: “I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur since kindergarten. I was naturally good at hair and makeup and decided to capitalize off it upon my arrival to college.”

Why: “I am motivated because I love watching things grow. My business is helping me get closer to achieving long-term goals, such as getting my degree —it helps fund me through college.”

Instagram: constructedbyruth