“Meaningful change often happens as a result of a revelation rather than a resolution.” – Viola Davis


Revelation is defined as a surprising and previously unknown fact. Nineteen Fifty-Six Magazine was founded on the revelation that there was nothing like it on-campus. It is my hope that Nineteen Fifty-Six leads you to revelations that positively impact and better the lives of others.


During the summer, I sought ways to pass the time while also being productive. I decided to create a blog named Becoming Black Excellence offering minority students– especially Black students– educational resources and insights into the college experience. Working on this blog led me to ponder if there were any outlets and opportunities on campus, specifically in the media department, that granted Black students the opportunity to share their unique stories and gain experience in the form of digital media. While I found that other student publications were making steps to be more inclusive and diverse, there was still a need for a student magazine that covered all of the diverse aspects and topics that affect the Black community at the University of Alabama.


Ultimately, I became inspired to create a magazine that celebrated and focused on Black culture, Black excellence and Black student experiences. Nineteen Fifty-Six is the first Black student-led magazine at the University of Alabama through the Office of Student Media. I wanted the title of the magazine to connect with the history of Black students at the University of Alabama. The title refers to the year that Autherine Lucy, the first Black student, officially enrolled at the University of Alabama. 

I wrote a proposal to UA faculty and the Office of Student Media during June. This magazine has only been a reality for three months, but so much has been accomplished during this time. I am excited to present the very first issue of Nineteen Fifty-Six to you all. I hope this magazine issue leaves you with the desire to enact change within your community.