“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” -James Baldwin

Change is defined as something that produces a different position, course, or direction. In the weeks leading up to the presidential election, I felt it was necessary that this magazine issue focuses not only on Black voices but also the change that can result from our voices.

Over the past few months, voting has been emphasized more than ever. I agree that everyone who can vote should. This ensures every group regardless of race or background is represented and their voice is heard in the election. I also want to acknowledge the young activists who may not be of voting age. Their voices still matter and they also have a lot to say. My two younger brothers display their desire to enact change by using their voice. Neither one of them are of voting age. However, they still do their part in using their voice for change by learning about Black history and the current racial injustices we still face today and sharing it with their peers. In this way, they too can play a role in advocating for a future where racial injustices do not persist. I encourage you to also look at the younger people in your life and help them use their voice for change because regardless of age Black voices matter. 

Using your voice does not always come in the form of vocalization. Writing is an effective way to be heard without enunciating one word. In fact, I am speaking to you all right now by only typing words on a page. Using your voice does not mean forming sentences. Art is another way of expressing yourself while also giving a physical form to your voice. Paintings, music, and so many more forms of art can speak to people. I encourage you to find ways to use your voice. Do not be silenced by any means because your voice can be the very thing that produces positive change. 

I am thrilled to present the second issue of Nineteen Fifty-Six to you all. I hope this magazine issue encourages you to never forget that your voice has value. Truly, your voice can create lasting change in your community, state, or even country.